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Clerk, Bob Remack
Bob Remack

Collector, Janine Stroble
Janine Stroble
(Position Elliminated-See Below)

Supervisor, Gary Budd
Gary Budd

Assessor, Cinda Sausaman
Cinda Sausaman

Ron Smith




Trustee, Mike Morris

Mike Morris

FOIA Officer

Trustee, Arthur Watts

Arthur Watts


Trustee, Shannon Lynch

Shannon R. Lynch


Trustee, Shelly Turnbull

Shelly Turnbull




Gary Budd is the Township Supervisor.  Gary has served in that capacity since April of 2001.  He has been a resident of the township for 30 years.  The supervisor is the chief executive officer of the township and chairs the board of trustees.  The supervisor also administers the general assistance program and is the treasurer of all township and road district funds.  As such, the Supervisor must be bonded.  The Supervisor is responsible for filing an annual Supervisor report within 30 days of the annual town meeting.  As custodian of public monies, the supervisor must annually prepare a statement of receipts and disbursements.  When the Board of Trustees order audited bills to be paid, the supervisor must pay the bills if the money is in the said fund.  The supervisor also has sole jurisdiction over the office of the General Assistance program.  

Bob Remack is Town Clerk of Springfield Township.  He was appointed to fill a vacant position in October of 2007. Prior to that Bob served as a Trustee on the Board of Directors.   The township clerk is also the ex-officio clerk of the road district, the local election authority, and keeps all official records for the township and road district.  The clerk is responsible for posting legal announcements for the township and road district.  The clerk must provide notification of the time and place of annual and special township meetings.  The clerk is the official record keeper of the proceeding of the township meetings.  The township clerk shall annually certify to the county clerk the amount of taxes required to be raised for all township purposes.  The clerk serves as deputy freedom of information officer. The clerk accepts and files the Annual Supervisor's Report.

Janine Strobel  diligently served Springfield Township as Tax Collector since 1989 .  That position was effectively eliminated by statute in December of 2021.  The Sangamon County taxes are now collected by Sangamon County Treasurer's office.  Property tax information is available online at  Sangamon County Treasurer | Springfield, Illinois.

Cinda Sausaman serves as Tax Assessor for Springfield Township.  She has acted in that capacity beginning January 2010.  She and her husband Dan have lived in the township for 20 years. They have two daughters and a son in law. The assessor is responsible for establishing values for all parcels of property within the township.  The assessor must pass approved courses prior to standing for election to the office.  The assessor reviews all property to be assessed and determines market value on property.  The assessor values all new construction within the township. 

The Highway Commissioner is responsible for maintenance of all roads and bridges in the road district that are not part of other governmental road systems.  Ron Smith serves as Highway Commissioner for Springfield Township. He was elected in April 2017. Ron has lived in the township for 50 plus years. He is the father of two children. The highway commissioner annually submits tax levies for the following year.  The highway commissioner must submit a tentative budget and appropriation ordinance thirty days prior to the adoption of the road district's budget and appropriation ordinance.  An annual inventory report of equipment over $200.00 and statement of all outstanding bills must be submitted to the Township Board of Trustees.  The road district must adopt an ordinance with its intent to comply with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Law.  The highway commissioner fills an order of payment for road district bills submitted to the town clerk for approval by the board of trustees.

The Board of Trustees make up the legislative branch of the township government.  With the Supervisor, they have voting rights and may set  township policies outside the jurisdiction of the assessor and highway commissioner.  They determine location of the annual meeting and may call special meetings of the township.  The Board of Trustees have power to audit the accounts of the supervisor and highway commissioner.  They are responsible for making sure orders for payment of bills are in line with the approved budget and appropriation ordinance and that funds are available.  The township board approves both the township budget and appropriation ordinance and the highway commissioner's  budget. The Board of Trustees is responsible for an annual audit of accounts and records of the township.